Images: Classic Star Wars Cards Re-Imagined With Toys

Check out this series of Star Wars Toy Cards.

This is a new collection that is re-imagining the classic Topps trading cards and using various Star Wars toys in its place. It was created and is being curated by One: Six Shooter. Trevor Williams is the creative mind behind One: Six Shooter. For those unfamiliar with the terms "one six" or "1/6th scale," they are terms used to describe collectible figures that are typically 12 inches tall. Sometimes they may be slightly bigger or smaller in order to match the scale of similar characters, but for the most part are usually 12 inches. Williams has some simply stunning photographs of various characters, some recreating various scenes from the movies or television shows that they represent. We previously showed some of his work here.You can view more photos or follow him on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.
This project has just begun and more artists and the types of toys featured will be continuously updated. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and check out the rest of the images below.