Images: A Collection Of Star Wars Infographics That Shows The Evolution Of Boba Fett, The Value Of The Old Toys, And Droids And Their Real-Life Counterparts

This collection of Star Wars infographics show the evolution of Boba Fett, the value of some of the old toys, and droids and their real-life counterparts.

These were respectively created by Halloween Costumes, SaveMyBacon, and Matthew Brown. The first one provides and evolution of the iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett, from concept design up to the video game Star Wars: 1313. The toy one focuses primarily on the most valuable figures in the original Kenner Star Wars collection and is not a full break down of all of the figures and playsets that were made. Finally, the last one lists all of the different classes of droids and machines within the galaxy and the real-life machines that are comparable to them. Check out the infographics below.