Images: Rogue One Character Cards Reveal 3 New Star Wars Actors

Three actors roles in Rogue One have been revealed.

Three autograph cards from Topps have been released online and indicate the actors that are portraying these creatures in the film. The British actor Paul Kasey will be playing the mercenary Edrio Two Tubes. He has appeared in Torchwood, The Sara Jane Adventures, 28 Days Later, and Being Human. He also played the X-Wing pilot Ello Asty in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He will also be playing the new Mon Calamari character Admiral Rabbus. He is part of the same race as Admiral Ackbar with a slightly different look and color.
The final character displayed is Bistan, who will be played British actor Nick Kellington. He has some extensive costume experience, appearing on the children's program In the Night Garden and as Dipsy on the 2015 reboot of Teletubbies. Check out the rest of the images below.