Listed: 5 Picks for the Inevitable Princess Leia Movie

With the Han Solo movie underway and casting complete, it's no doubt that Disney will be taking advantage of all the characters they now own. While I don't necessarily want a spin off for everyone of the classic Star Wars heroes, the tale of Leia could be an interesting one that would be a sure fire way to continue the saga and to give girls more of their favorite galactic princess. In time, it would not be shocking for Disney to produce a Princess Leia spinoff and series. So, who could fit the part? Let's see.

1. Millie Bobby Brown: The young actress is the one that spawned the idea for this  Of course she's going to be included. Coming out and saying she'd love to tackle the role isn't the only reason she'd be great in the part though. She's got the youthful energy and spunk to take on the role but also has a similar look to a much younger Carrie Fisher. Brown has proven her abilities to act on the Netflix hit Stranger Things and other series too. Having a great actress with a natural spark like Brown would lend itself to taking Leia back to the beginning and would give us Star Wars fans another chance to be reintroduced to characters we know and love. She has control of her emotions and knows how to play to the camera. Her comedic wit is perfect too. Millie would be our primary candidate.

2. Maisie Williams: She may not totally look the part but Maisie has proven herself time and time again on Game of Thrones. The other issue might be her age. Considering she's almost 20 years old at the time we're making this list, she might not foot the bill. However, Williams definitely has the dramatic skill set to handle the role of Leia. She's also not shy around action set pieces or stories about family driven violence. We know she's a long shot, but she's a great actress and can definitely bend to different genres and story types. 

3. Kiernan Shipka: The bratty daughter from Mad Men would absolutely do a great job capturing the essence of Leia. She has attitude but can exude grace and charm. While she's of a more fair complexion and has lighter hair, makeup can do wonders. Taking a cold hard look at the photo we've provided, Shipka would actually look the part with a great dye job. While Brown is our absolute first choice, Shipka sits right behind her as the most relevant pick. 

4. Liana Liberato: Liberato proved her dramatic worth in the 2010 film Trust, directed by David Schwimmer. She's repeatedly taken diverse roles and is pushing herself to adapt to new types of films. She may not be a household name yet, but she has the chops and could absolutely play the leader of a galactic resistance in its infantile stages. Liberato is beautiful in her own way. She would be a great, but more offbeat choice for a movie about Princess Leia and her time spent on Alderaan. Liberato knows how to play to the screen and attacks scripts with a refreshing and youthful energy. 

5. Willow Shields: Willow is mostly known as Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games series. She may not have the resume that the rest of these actresses have but she has a great look and would adapt well to playing Leia. Where she would succeed in the role would be her limited experience. She has no Hollywood baggage to carry and would be a fresh face that people don't really connect with too many other major characters. We know she's probably the least likely to foot the bill, but it's always nice to dream.