Listed: Five Music Biopics We Need And Who Should Star?


1.Michael Hutchence/Xavier Samuel

There's been many biopics rumored about the lead singer of INXS. However, the estate has fought each and every production company hand, tooth, and nail. The life of Hutchence was an interesting one that saw him rise to superstardom with his good friends as they recorded album after album of top ten hits. Their later career seemed to spiral in the '90s as grunge and Oasis took a new hold on the world of pop rock. Although there was an Australian tv series that chronicled the entire band, it's about time we get a proper life story centered on the good and bad times of Hutchence's life.  Samuel is from the land down under and has the proper dramatic chips to pull this off. Make it happen. The resemblance is uncanny in some instances.

2. Marvin Gaye/Lenny Kravitz

What's going on? For a while, there was going to be a rumored Marvin Gaye biopic starring Kravitz in the main role. Julian Temple was set to direct.  As the idea has basically burned out, he'd still be a great pick to take on the soulful singer. Kravitz has the style, the acting stamina, and the voice to pull off the story of Marvin Gaye. They may not look exactly alike, but there would not be a greater person with the musical talent to perform live renditions of the songs and there isn't another musician to actor that could do the songs justice like Kravitz would. What are we waiting for, Hollywood?

3. Amy Winehouse/Noomi Rapace

I've never been a real listener of Winehouse's music but her stylings have had a huge impact on modern music. Her soulful tone has never been replicated but has often times been imitated since her death. Considering she's a modern legend and deserves a massive amount of respect for the mark she's left on the world, she would require an actress with the same level of talent in the acting field. For this choice alone, Noomi Rapace would be a wonderful choice. She's a chameleon that's taken on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and continues to shine as a dramatic lead actress. This would make for an absolutely killer selection if there were ever a biopic about Amy Winehouse. 


4. Kurt Cobain/Alexander Skarsgard

Huh. Yeah, I said it. I really did. Alexander hasn't had the best run of it. And he's probably way too buff to play Cobain. They'd have to play down his physicality and try to make him a little less alpha male. Setting aside his run on True Blood and his horrendous stint in that CGI infused Tarzan movie, this man has some serious acting talents. Plus he's got the hair and the general traits to play this role. As a break off from everything he's done before, something like this might set him up as a more serious actor that's willing to take on more dynamic and visceral portrayals. My interest is piqued right now. Grow that hair out. Get some scruff. All set. 


5. Bob Marley/Andre Royo

Considering Royo's age, he'd never be picked or would have to play an older Marley. But this dude is almost a shoe in. With a set of dreads, some facial hair, and a little de-aging, he is a great suggestion. They have a similar facial structure and Royo can adapt to almost any look. While the Marley estate has shut it down every time a biopic has been in the works, an eventual motion picture about the world's most famous Rastafarian would be something we could all benefit from. Marley's life story is absolutely amazing and his death a tragedy. If this were to be made, they'd have to expand throughout his life showing his progression from youth until his death. Royo has proven his acting chops time and time again and was one absolutely great on The Wire. Give him a great role like this and he'll bring it hard. 

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