News: Paramount's Bumblebee Spinoff Searches For A Director

The Michael Bay Transformers movie series has been a bombastic mess of massive effects sequences and non-detailed action that most people continue to lambaste but still buy tickets for. Ever since the first one hit theaters, Michael Bay has been promising us that he'd stop directing them but keeps coming back for more adventures with underdeveloped characters, terrible comic relief, and repetitive stories. At last, it looks like the next movie will be his final run with the war between Autobots and Decepticons. Tranformers: The Last Knight looks to be his final foray into battling robots. 

The search is on for someone to take the directing seat in a movie that will focus on the adventures of the most loved character in the franchise. Paramount is planning a massive spin-off universe that will focus on solo Transformers. The first in line is an unknown background story for Bumblebee. They are hard pressed to find a director quickly as the movie is apparently scheduled for a summer 2018 release.