News: TNT Orders Snowpiercer Pilot

Television has quickly become the go to place for great entertainment over the past few years. While theaters struggle to bring in great numbers, cable tv continues to snag former movie properties to turn into new shows and continuing series. If HBO's Westworld is any example of where television is headed, we're in for some sweet new things to watch in the near future. 

With that said, TNT has just snagged the rights to produce a series centered on the post-apocalyptic, frozen tundra, action epic Snowpiercer. Although the film didn't get a mainstream release, it grossed $87 million on a $40 million budget. It's gained an extremely loyal cult following and is still picking up steam with folks that love independent movies. 

If TNT can pull it off, this will be a unique series that can definitely expand on the limited story of the film.