New Horror Releases: The Possession Experiment (2016) - Reviewed

Dust off your Bible and put on you Cassock!  It is time to go demon hunting, again.

Why, oh why, are these Exorcism films still being pumped out like frozen turkey pot pies, four for a buck?  Is there a target demographic that just craves a reconjure and reconjure of The Exorcist?  Let’s be real clear, there will NEVER be a “possession” film that will ever top The Exorcist with a couple of exceptions being The Exorcist III and the more recent The Taking of Deborah Logan.  They still do not make the mark, but they came damn close.

I should have smelled the blood in the air with the Bill Moseley cameo at the beginning of The Possession Experiment.  If you look at Mr. Moseley’s IMDB page as of the last couple of years you can definitely see he is going for “quantity” and not “quality”.  I think Bill Moseley is a fine actor mind you, I just think he could be a little more selective and stay away from fluff like The Horde.
Regardless of my predestined opinions going into The Possession Experiment, this is a fine looking film.  The Possession Experiment is very well shot, but that hinders the whole project because this film is riddled with some very poor acting.  This creates a lopsided film that had my eyes rolling on several occasions.  Perhaps if director Scott Hansen went with a grittier approach with the cinematography, the film would have had a more consistent feel.  Instead we get lackluster performances from actor Jake Brimm for example.  Jake, please never try to play a stoned person EVER again.

I don't wanna take a shower!!!

The Possession Experiment is weak on performances, but when it wants to hit you in the gut, you will be puking for the rest of the night.  The Possession Experiment makes great use of practical effects which is a big star in my book anytime and that realism makes the several VERY disturbing visuals scattered about in this film literally cringe inducing.  I found myself yelling the “oooooowwwww” more than once while watch The Possession Experiment.  Is that what makes this genre of film so popular?  The fact that you can really push the envelope with the “possession” plot line?  They definitely tried with The Possession Experiment, but unfortunately it takes more than a person breaking their own leg to bring a story like this home with the gold.

Pass on the possession!

Scott W. Lambert