Rumor Mill: Luke Skywalker's Surprising Look in Star Wars: Episode VIII Detailed

Some spoiler type information about Luke Skywalker and his Star Wars: Episode VIII attire may have been revealed.

 Be warned that if you do not want to know this information, then do not continue on reading.
According to MakingStarWars, Luke's attire will not remain the white and grey robes that we saw at the end of Episode VII. His look is more of a cross between the black outfit he wore in Jedi and the dirty look from training with Yoda in Dagobah. They got an artist named Lumberjack Nick to do an accurate representation of his costume in the upcoming film, which you can see below.
They do confirm that Luke does in fact train Rey and that they both have some type of confrontation with Kylo Ren at Ahch-To, which is the Jedi temple that Luke has been at. They also said that it appears as if Luke does not have a lightsaber and is possibly using some type of spear or walking stick. He isn't seen wearing a belt, so they were unable to tell if he actually uses or wears a lightsaber during this episode. They go on to say that his outfit "is apparently just filthy most of the time" and .... "gets a lot dirtier in the film than the cartoon depiction" in the art.