Trailers: Justice League vs Monsters Fan Trailer

It's a fan trailer to end all fan trailers as the Justice League takes on the trinity of slasher icons.

 This fan trailer does a take on the upcoming Justice League film as if they were taking on Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, and Michael Myers. This was created by strider HD, with help from Adeel of Steel, El Edits, Raizorvid, and Imransedethx! Check out the synopsis and trailer below.
"A project I had the concept for awhile now and thought it'd be great to bring some really cool people in and have a nice group project on this.

Basically the trinity of DC Comics (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) find out and do research regarding the incoming threats and killings that have been reported lately. Each hero does research about different villains and they must come together to take on this formidable force."