Trailers: Parkour And Mind Control Come Together In The Sci-Fi Film Mindgamers

The first trailer for Mindgamers has been released online.

Red Bull has a a film division called Terra Mater Film Studios and this is was produced by them and stars Sam Neill,Tom Payne, Melia Kreiling, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Turlough Convery, Oliver Stark, Dominique Tipper and Ryan Doyle, and is written by Joanne Reay and Andrew Goth, who also directed. The story involves a group of students that create a technology that can connect everyone's minds like a wireless neural network, enabled them to share the minds and skills of other people. The studio is claiming that this will be a new movie-going experience that will be an action film for the mind and will be a new dimension in the cinema experience. More specific details and an official release date will be revealed in the future. Check out the trailer below.