TV Snapshot: American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapters 8 & 9 - Reviewed

Chapter 8

There is a ton of torture and blood this chapter, but unfortunately that comes with a boat load of exposition on why they do what they do—again—making it pretty insulting to the audience.

Chapter 8 is actually the poorest of the episodes even though it has a lot of gore and expands on the story. Chapter 8 just kind of exists. Nothing important happens and nothing necessarily moves the plot along. It’s just a whole lot of screaming and blood. For a few episodes now, the audience watches these events transpire through what seems like hundreds of cameras set up. Skipping this episode would not result in missing anything bridging the story together except maybe a few deaths.


Chapter 9

The blood moon is in full effect and the creep-o-meter is through the roof with The Colony riding the coattails of the few people that are left… for now. We already know that all of this footage we’re watching was found three months after one of the more gruesome events of the series. Tension is at an all-time high as three millennials (Taissa Farmiga guests stars as one of the kids, Fiona.) rummage the woods and get caught smack dab in the middle of the festivities of the blood moon.

Chapter 9 continues in suspense, violence, and death. Minus a few conveniences, this episode exceeds the last in just about every way, especially the plot. An hour goes by so fast as you stay glued to the screen, not wanting to miss a single blood splatter. Almost at the seasons end, Chapter 10 appears to take us away from production site and into real life. It’ll be a nice change from the shaky-cam perspective. People might feel better about the season in general. Sarah Paulson plays three different characters this season alone, and a hint at her next character could suprise many. Bad ass. American Horror Story: Roanoke is unlike any of the other seasons or any show, as a matter of fact, and they continue to twist up the series.


-       - H