A Farewell To Carrie Fisher

2016. A year of unbearable loss. 

These are the hardest things to do. It's hard to say farewell to our childhood heroes. It's painful to bid a final goodbye to the stars that embodied our love of film and entertainment. I'm struggling to even type these words. But, I must. 

Seeing someone pass that's been such a part of our lives for nearly 40 years is heartbreaking, sad, and brings our own mortality into the light. Carrie Fisher was human and wore her flaws on her sleeve, letting us know it was okay to find humor in it all. She was one of us. 

From the time I was three years old in 1977, Star Wars has been a part of my life. I can easily say that it's the series that has mostly defined my person and it was my best friend when I had none. The trio of Leia, Luke, and Han were there for me when I struggled with my own personal demons. They gave me hope. They gave me something/someone to look up to. 


Fisher's Princess Leia struck the perfect balance between the desert planet farmboy and the intergalactic smuggler. She commanded attention in each of her scenes becoming quite possibly the most famous female lead character of all time. Without Carrie Fisher's portrayal of Leia, we probably wouldn't have our Ellen Ripley, Katniss Everdeen, or the numerous other powerful female protagonists that continue to grace cinemas these days. 

She was a catalyst for change. With a little push from George Lucas, Fisher gave rise to the age of beautiful women that are now given the freedom to pursue the roles that were typically given to men. She changed the game and we're all better for it. Movies and entertainment are steeped in the work Fisher did. She was the embodiment of the creative spirit and the notion that women could play equally among the boys. 

With just a small look or a careful glance, Fisher knew exactly how to control her audience and the characters she was playing. Despite her troubles, she came back from the edge of adversity and found a voice as an author that would continue to thrive when her acting career dwindled. 

In 2015, we saw her return to the world of Star Wars. It was her gift to us as fans. It was her way of letting us know she'll always be our princess. Seeing her in Episode VIII will be bittersweet. Luckily for us, we'll never have to stop enjoying what she gave us. 

She will be survived by the 5 Star Wars movies and countless others that will let us never forget what a beautiful and endearing person she was. 

Thank you for loving your fans. 

May the Force be with you....always.