TV: Shameless Season 7 Reviewed

After 7 long years of our time spent with the Gallagher clan, it feels like we may have finally found some semblance of peace and possible motion towards an ending that leaves our lead characters in a new positive light. It's time Showtime puts this show to bed. Through thick and thin, we've stuck by. But now is the time to let them go.  

Considering the abysmal failures of season 6 and all its transgressions in plotting and an awful throwaway set of episodes, this latest arc of 12 chapters shows us that the show may be winding down in a sensible fashion. With Emmy Rossum threatening to leave over a wage dispute, tonight's season conclusion feels like a perfect bookend to a series that's seen plenty of ups and downs. Like any other show on tv, there's been a wide spectrum of good and bad. The show has consistently mixed dark humor with over the top sexuality and chemical abuse. With the death of a character tonight and each lead player finding hope, this may be it. 

Last year left me with a blank feeling about Shameless. There were too many retreads, too many loose threads, and an undeniable sense that the writers had started to run out of ideas. Season 7 seemed to pick up the dangling pieces and started to put it back together again with almost everyone finding a light at the end of the tunnel. Although the themes of Requiem for a Slut played like another episode about poor parenting and how badly alcohol and drugs had damaged the family, they finally break free of one part of their lives that had continually dragged them down. With a stride in their step and a possible new outlook on life, the Gallaghers finally seem ready to do what's right for themselves and their family. That was the best part of this season. Instead of lingering on too many old stories or characters, they made great headway in the character development department, showing a real sense of forward momentum. Hell, even Liam got tons of screen time this year. 

I think it's time we end this party. 

We'll hate to see the show leave Showtime. They can probably squeeze a couple more seasons out of it without too much work. Yet, they're all in such a good place right now. It wouldn't seem right to continue dragging things out just to satisfy our craving for more episodes. Everything seems like we're at the concluding point in their story as it stands. Frank will never be a good dad. Ian will struggle but has found some sense of inner peace. Lip may slip up but we know he's attacking his personal demons head on finally. Fiona has succeeded in ways she never thought. Carl won't turn out the way we thought. Liam may have a shot with Fiona helping his future. And Deb has grown into a semi-responsible parent taking control of her destiny. 

Now that the show is on even footing again, it's time to bid farewell. Let the history of the Gallaghers linger in our memory like a 3 day bender of coke, meth, and booze. They've been good to us. And we've been good to them. Season 7 was a great reprise to the show's glory days. Personally, I think it's time to conclude.

Oh, look at that. Rossum signs deal for Season 8. Guess I'll be watching Shameless next year.