Listed: Ten Actresses We Totally Dig Right Now

Every once in awhile, we like to take a look at the actors and/or actresses we're totally in to. So, here's an updated list of ten actresses we dig right now. These are in no specific order. Use the comments section to let us know who you'd add. 

Marion Cotillard
Marion has done it all. From major Hollywood big budget fare to the smallest of independent features, Marion has no fear. Breaking into the domestic a little more than a decade ago, she never falls into a specific mold, always adding beauty and talent to every role she takes. With a classic look and a sense of stunning realism, Marion is one of the best actresses working today and a virtual chameleon when it comes to switching genres. She proves that with 2016's Allied. Despite the failure of Assassin's Creed, her resume is fluid with excellent parts and wonderfully diverse movies.

Alicia Vikander
Vikander went from the  indie circuit to mainstream cinema in an instant. Using the science fiction film Ex Machina as her launching pad, she hopped on board the underrated Man From U.N.C.L.E. reboot and is now starring as the new Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider relaunch. Vikander has a unique look and a verifiable talent for becoming the center of our attention. She has great things ahead of her as she'll continue breaking rules and taking on the challenges of dynamic parts.

Elle Fanning
Ms. Fanning has been around for a while. However, her turn in Super 8 finally defined her as a star. Fanning is another actress that stokes the flames of creativity by always changing her game. This last year she starred in The Neon Demon which turned out to be one of the better films of 2016 and allowed her the room to be artistic as she came into her own as an adult actress. Refn's movie is never going to be considered mainstream, but it gave Fanning the chance to spread her wings and show her chops as one of our favorite actresses.

Felicity Jones
Felicity can't be stopped. From Academy Award nominated films to her lead part in Rogue One, Jones is sweeping Hollywood with her talents and uncommon look. As the main focal point of the latest Star Wars entry, Jones further proves how female actresses should continue their newfound reign as action stars. Armed with a natural beauty and the ability to pull off scenes of battle ravaged grit, Jones has been showing us for years that she deserves to be a huge star. 

Millie Bobby Brown
The youngest actress on this list has along career ahead of her. With Stranger Things being a massive hit that thrust her into the spotlight, it's easy to see she's eating it up. Brown has an undeniably great sense of humor that lends itself to live situations. And she knows how to adapt at the drop of a hat. She's just a natural talent that will hopefully continue her meteoric rise to stardom. Stranger Things will be back with more episodes next year. We're looking forward to the return of 11.

Gal Gadot
From modeling to taking on Kryptonian mutations, Gadot has come into her own as an actress. Starting her domestic run with the Fast and the Furious franchise, Gadot has laid the foundation for a long career that could be franchise-centric. With BvS, she stood her ground with Cavill and Affleck. In the coming years the Wonder Woman franchise will most likely establish her as a key female lead player. Gadot mixes humor and beauty, taking an iconic role as her own. 

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita is still being established as a lead actress. However, her role in 12 Years a Slave was astounding. She also stars in the 2016 movie Queen of Katwe which is expected to garner some award nods.  Since the release of 12 Years,  she's done voice work for The Jungle Book and did motion capture as Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens. Lupita will break into the world of comic to film adaptations with 2018's live action Black Panther movie. She's an undeniably great actress that has many great things ahead of her. We can't wait to watch her grow and shine as one of the top ten actresses we dig right now. 

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart has taken a critical lashing for years. Her time in the Twilight series gave her a massive payday but destroyed her relevance as an artist. People can bash all they want. In the years following that dreaded vampire series, Stewart has revitalized her career as an aspiring indie darling. After taking a 2 year break from film, she's done nothing but smaller arthouse features like The Clouds of Sils Maria and Certain Women. Shedding the formative early years has proven to be a step forward for Stewart with roles in American Ultra and the impeccable Still Alice. 

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe is the perfect blend of her parents' talents. Zoe has steadily been working her way to the top of the food chain. Consistently mixing it up, she's been smart about her choices. By never sticking to one thing, Kravitz has bounced  between the teenage dystopia of the now defunct Divergent saga and the youthful energy of the off kilter Dope. Kravitz hasn't been handed her own franchise yet. And she hasn't been saturated by over marketing. From the bloodline of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, her full talents are yet to shine.

Soairse Ronan
Ronan has defined her own path continuously. She's made mostly independent films and was the center of attention in the excellent Hannah. Side stepping her indie cred for a role in the failed blockbuster attempt, The Host, Soairse went right back to her roots. As the female lead in The Grand Budapest Hotel and How I Live Now, Ronan has established a solid career at a young age that's based on good choices and character heavy stories.