Artist Spotlight: Delightfully Devious Collection Of Horror Movie Paintings From RF Pangborn

This is a collection of delightfully devious horror fan art paintings from RF Pangborn

Pangborn is an artist based out of Florida and most of his work features a mixture of characters from various horror movies, including Frankenstein, Dawn of the Dead, Street Trash, and many more. He paints with oil and has a great style that manages to make the macabre imagery look quite beautiful. You can view more of his art, purchase items, and request commissions on Facebook and Pangborn Arts. Check out his bio and art below.
"I was a sensitive lad who grew up in an atmosphere of alchohlism and violence. I always loved to draw and go inside into my own world. My one great pleasure was horror and sci fi movies. Later as an adult I did a bit of filmmaing, got our backyard flick The Sadness into distribution. Didnt make a dime. Got back into art in 2013 when my wife and in-laws conspired to buy me an easel for xmas. Been painting my butt off ever since. The most rewarding experience of my life."