Artist Spotlight: The Outstanding Alternative Film Posters From Laura Racero

This is a collection of film poster art from Laura Racero.

Racero is a freelance art director, illustrator, and designer based out of Madrid, Spain. She is mostly focused on digital art and photography. I am personally very interested and attracted to her film posters, as it has been an art form that has always drawn me into a film. Sometimes the artwork has been more memorable than the movies, with some of the worst films ever having some wonderful poster art. You can view more of her art and purchase prints on her website. Check out her bio and images below.
"The first time I used a pencil, I was 3 years old. And since then, I have not stopped drawing, either on paper or on a tablet.

The film world caught my eye since I was a child. By then, the facades of movie theatres showed enormous and colorful reproductions of movie posters. And I always looked at them completely fascinated.

The poster that made me fall in love with the profession was the one Richard Amsel designed for "Raiders of the Lost Ark". And along with Amsel, Drew Struzan became very quickly an inspiration. In my first fan art pieces, I tried to imitate his style using digital techniques. Gradually, I went away from that, finding my own style. It was both a well considered decision but also the result of a natural evolution. However, film posters were just a hobby, a way out to deal with my daily work as visual designer in an advertising agency. One day, the director of sci-fi short film "REM" asked me to design the poster for his short. I realized that was what I had always wanted to do and that I could devote to it, for real. The world of cinema —where dreams were made— was not as far as I had believed.

A great movie needs a great poster: for me it is a essential piece, a window to the world of the film that has to show the Truth about it. And although I use computers as a tool, I try to give my works that handmade human touch that inspires and transcends a sheet of paper.

I am really passionate about watching movies —it makes me happy. But I am even more passionate about designing film posters —that makes me even happier. That's my Truth."