Artist Spotlight: Pop Surrealism And Comic Book Art Converge In This Art That Features Batman, Video Games, And Other Pop Culture Characters From Artist Anthony "Tank" Mansfield

This art from Anthony "Tank" Mansfield blends the styling of pop surrealism and comic book art.

Mansfield's art is reminiscent of the independent comic book artists of the 1970's, such as Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson and many others. These artists used heavy amounts of black ink and a great deal of line work and intricate details. Most of his subject matter features pop culture imagery from movies, comics, anime, video games, pro wrestling, and beer. You can view more of his art and follow him on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. Check out his bio and the rest of the images below.

Anthony "Tank" Mansfield is an illustrator that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. His style is heavily influenced by Brian Bolland, Jack Kirby, video games, beer, movies where people get their heads bashed in by sledgehammers, pro wrestling, tattooing, and the urge to make enough money to keep the lights on. In the past he has worked with Madtree Brewing, Streetside Brewery, and is currently working on his own beer inspired project. To keep up with his latest work follow him on Instagram at: anthonytankmansfield or on Twitter at: tankofalltrades