Cinematic Releases: Office Christmas Party (2016) - Reviewed

It seems that we get a whole slew of brand new Christmas comedies every holiday season. This year is no different. While most others will suck, Office Christmas Party doesn't. It's quite the opposite actually.As it revels in modern themes about technology, corporate structure gone awry, and the sad state of working for a massive conglomerate hell bent on destroying the human spirit, this old school, adult themed party flick hits some great notes and never lets up throughout its entire run time. It's old school fun with a big ass red bow on top. 

This Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston vehicle kicks into high gear from the onset and crushes it from front to back. Considering my expectations for these types of movies, Office Christmas Party is an off the cuff bit of cocaine fueled fun topped off with hookers, quality drugs, and great performances all around. Underneath the guise of routine comedy lies a story with heart that relies heavily on a core tale about friendship, family, and doing the right thing. 

No, this isn't the cheery holiday flick you want to share with your mom or your kids. It's dirty. It's gross. It's belligerent and brainless. This movie probably has a few STDs too. But, it's exactly what you're looking for when you want to escape the stresses of holiday mall shopping, congested aisles of cheap toys, and the abysmal dregs of deciding what to buy for your annoying nephew. Office Christmas Party overloads itself with Christmas cheer while allowing the adults to go out and play for a while. This movie exceeded at creating a party atmosphere loaded to the gills with offensive jokes, satirical jabs at the Fast and Furious franchise, and a heaping pile of Bateman's knack for creating believable characters that are thrown into whacked out situations.

kate mckinnon
This movie is MINE, bitches. I own it. OWN IT. 

Seriously, it never lets up. From beginning to end, Office Christmas Party is nothing but fresh laughs that continuously punch their audience in the gut. Although Aniston, Bateman, and Olivia Munn are all in tip top form here, SNL star Kate McKinnon is the bright spot of this awesome flick. Not knowing much of her talents other than seeing her Hillary Clinton impersonation on the weekly Saturday show, it's easy to realize she's quickly coming into her own as a comedic superpower. 

If you need a night away from the kids and want a break from the glut of special effects slam dunks that are headed our way in the next couple weeks, Office Christmas Party will ease your suffering and will take you back to a time when it was okay to be funny for funny's sake. I put down my Scrooge attitude to experience this movie and you should too. See it. Just don't take the little ones. Bring rubbers. And snacks. 



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