Images: Marvel Previews Upcoming Spider-Man Comic Art Following A Surprise Return In Clone Conspiracy #3

Marvel has released several pages of artwork for upcoming Spider-Man comics after the events of Clone Conspiracy #3.

Clone Conspiracy #3 just came out on 12/7, so be warned that this information will contain spoilers for that issue and what is ahead.


Ok, so if you are still then you must be craving some juicy bits or already know what happened. The newest issue saw a character make a surprising return. This ended up being Ben Reilly, the original Peter Parker clone who was Spider-Man for some time during the 1990's and has not been around since 1996's Spider-Man #75. He had apparently been secretly operating as the Jackal for years and was finally unmasked in this issue.
Marvel has released several pages from Amazing Spider-Man #22, which will be available on December 21st. Editor Nick Lowe stated that "It’s one of the more intense issues of any comic you can read. It’s messed up." After that are several black-and-white pages from Clone Conspiracy #4, which will be available on January 18th. Finally, there is the cover art for The Clone Conspiracy Omega one-shot, which will be available in March and will deal with the aftermath of all of these events. Check out the images below.