Images: Stunning Collection Of Art That Features A Combination Of Hyperrealism And Classic Movie Poster Art

This is some stunning artwork that includes some hyperrealistic pieces that look like photographs.

It is from digital illustrator Kyle Lambert, who has gained a great deal of attention for his unbelievably realistic portrait of Morgan Freeman. Check out his bio and this collection of art, also visit his website to view more of his work.

"Kyle Lambert is a US based visual artist, who is known for his striking digital illustration work in the entertainment industry. Kyle pushes boundaries in his work with his use of technology to create commercially successful artwork and illustrations at the highest level. 

Over the past 10 years Kyle has worked with some of the worlds largest brands, including Apple, Adobe, GQ, Netflix, Paramount Studios and Vanity Fair. Videos detailing this creative process have become an important part of the art viewing experience. 

Kyle's 2013 iPad Painting of Morgan Freeman found a worldwide audience of over 15 million people."