Images: You Could Own One Of The Largest Collections Of Marvel Comics Doctor Strange Memorabilia

If you have some major cash, then you could end up purchasing one of the largest collection of Doctor Strange memorabilia.

This collection is absolutely insane and is currently up for auction on ebay for a hefty bid of $110,000. It sure looks like it is worth every penny and I would hat e to have to get rid of such an impressive collection. You can check out the full description and images below.
"Up for auction is one of the largest collections of Doctor Strange comics and memorabilia in the world. It contains original art by Frank Brunner, Gene Colan, Dan Adkins, Alex Ross, Mike Allred, Bruce Timm and many, many, more. Hundreds of items of apparel including t-shirts, hats, and socks (all unworn!) You get every Doctor Strange sculpture, Heroclix figure, and variant cover that has ever been released. You get ultra rare trading cards, magazines, posters, books, toys, and video games. You even get some one-of-a-kind items like a Doctor Strange Ouija Board. You get 7 copies of Strange Tales #110 (Doc's first appearance) including a Signature Series Stan Lee 5.5 unrestored. Not only do you get a Doctor Strange costume with light up eye of Agamotto, you also get all the furniture and poster racks you see in these images to display the collection properly. You get EVERY American comic book that Doctor Strange has appeared in, including Overstreet prototypes, up until November of 2016. This includes one of the world's largest collections of foreign comics and graphic novels featuring Doctor Strange. And to top it off 10% of this auction will go to charity.To see a complete list of this collection message me or Google my name Howard Hallis and Doctor Strange. You'll find my website that has a PDF list of the entire collection.

But $110,000? That seems like a lot of money...

Before anyone thinks I've been spending too much time on the astral plane consider this... with the Benedict Cumberbatch movie from Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange has now entered the collective consciousness in the same way as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Guardians of The Galaxy. He has become a modern pop culture icon. You will not find this amount of stuff anywhere else. 
Collectors from all over the globe have been contacting me to consider them first in selling certain items, but I want to take this time to offer the complete collection. For those that care, consider that 33% of that auction goes to taxes and thousands of dollars go to eBay fees and shipping (which I will cover). 

This is a one time deal... Sort of... If the auction doesn't make the starting bid, I'll put it up as a Buy It Now auction the following month for $110k. That will truly be your last chance to purchase the whole collection. Otherwise, the collection will be sold in lots and the items will dissipate into the void of collections all over the world, dispersed into the winds never to be accumulated together again. 

110 is the magic number.

So why sell now when Doctor Strange has finally made it to the big time? The short answer is that it's too expensive to maintain a collection like this and I'd rather go out on top and sell it all together to a super fan. That way I can give some money to charity as well.

I plan to give 10% evenly to ten different charities... 


So what do you get in this auction? Here's a summary. For a complete list, contact me via eBay or Google my name Howard Hallis and Doctor Strange Collection...

COMICS: The Silver Age books range from VG++ to VF. I never got a book that was in poor condition unless I have more than one. Graded books include CGC unrestored high grade versions of key issues. Multiple copies of all key issues. All runs of Doctor Strange, all Doctor Strange appearances in Strange Tales, Marvel Premiere, all Defenders appearances including Marvel Feature and the various Defenders titles and mini series, ALL 3O AND 35 CENT VARIANTS, all variant covers containing Doctor Strange on the cover, and a collection of foreign comics that got me on the cover of Foreign Comic Book Collector magazine last year. 7 copies of Strange Tales #110 including a Signature Series 5.5 by Stan Lee, a Pence copy, a copy with a custom cover, and 4 more ungraded copies. EVERY issue Doctor Strange has appeared in (as far as I know) in a Marvel Comic. 

ORIGINAL ART: An unpublished Gene Colan masked Dr. Strange cover; a Dan Adkins Strange Tales splash page; a Frank Brunner commission of Dr. Strange, Clea, Dream and Death (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman) fighting Cthulhu; interior pages by Lienel Yu, P. Craig Russell, Tery & Rachel Dodson, Mike Allred, and David Finch. Unpublished sketches by Bruce Timm, Sergio Aragones, Michael Gilbert, Alex Ross, Daniel Bereton, and many others.

APPAREL: Over 100 unworn t-shirts featuring Doctor Strange that range from the 80s to the current line of Cumberbatch merch. You get most of the great ones from the last few decades! Enough to wear a different Doctor Strange shirt every day for the next three months. You also get hats, beanies, a set of watches, belts, and a cosplay costume with light up Eye of Agamotto, designed by Jennifer Cho and Cary Long. You get the rare Stussy shirts of Doctor Strange and Eternity. You get the hat given to people who worked on the set of the Doctor Strange movie... and the ultra rare backpack! You get Cumberbatch licensed backpacks, lunchboxes and mugs. But now we're getting into kitchen items...

SCULPTURES: You get the XM Studios Doctor Strange sculpture from Singapore, limited to 999, one of the most expensive Dr. Strange items ever released. You get the Disney Studios Doctor Strange Movie Light Up Sculpture, which was limited to 500 worldwide! I got #12! You'll also get all the Bowen, Applause, Kotobukia, and other officially released sculptures of Doctor Strange in their original boxes.

CUSTOM ITEMS: It's hard to put monetary value on custom made items. Sure, they're neat, but how can you put a price on stuff like that? Well, the custom cover I made for Strange Tales #110 has been used in publications around the world numerous times in articles about Doctor Strange. I have custom cover editions for the entire Ditko run of Strange Tales, each carefully attached to actual low grade copies of the original comics. There's also the custom made Doctor Strange 3D Ouija Board with light up planchette which I made myself. You get a set of figures by Illegal Mego of Doc and his supporting cast, and an oversized boxed figure of Eternity which I made with the help of artist Michael Blair. You also get a custom Dr. Strange Secret Wars figure. These items cannot be found anywhere else.

POSTERS: You get the complete set of Third Eye blacklight posters from 1971 that feature Doctor Strange. You get 2 copies of "The Search", both "Eternity" posters, and the "Marvel Super Heroes Are Here!" posters, all extremely rare. These are originals by the way. You also get original movie posters of the 2016 Cumberbatch movie, and a giant 12 foot by 5 foot banner of the entire cast! Besides this, there are Marvel promotional posters, limited edition art posters, portfolios, giveaways, and the legendary Strange Happenings California handbill for the Youngbloods show in the 1960s! (Yes it's the real one!)

TOYS: Every action figure of Doctor Strange produced up until November 4, 2016 is included with this collection, including the brand new Marvel Legends Line, the Marvel Pop Line (with ALL variants including the recently released UK 4 pack with Strange, Mordo, The Ancient One and Kaecilius!), the Marvel Dorbz line, the Book of Vishanti from SDCC 2015, the Eye of Agamotto badge from NYCC 2016, the Mr. Potato Head Dr. Strange, the Marvel Select Figures (including Disney Store variant), and so many more! You get so many toys!

OTHER RARITIES: Did you know the US mint actually minted a Doctor Strange coin? Well they did. I have it. You get Argentinian Doctor Strange Rubiks Cube sets you have to put together yourself. You get limited run sticker sets, the Marvel World Playset, the 3D blacklight puzzle of "The Search", complete runs of Spain's Dr. Extrano, Mexico's Dr. Centella, France's Docteur Strange. You even get the entire set of 6 Vinylmation Doctor Strange figures, including the rare Astral, Mordo and Pink Ear variants. You get 2 lifesize cutouts of Dr. Strange, the Ben Cooper Doctor Strange Halloween costume and "jiggler" figure from the 1970s. You get weird movie giveaways from Thailand that weren't distributed anywhere else in the world. You get a set of trading cards so rare there were only 10 ever made and distributed worldwide. You get not one but TWO unopened boxes of the Upper Deck Doctor Strange Hobby Boxes from 2016! These boxes contain only 7 cards each but sell for over $100! Single cards from this set are being listed at $150 to $700! You get magazines, fanzines (yes you get the legendary Yancy Street Journal #8 with Ditko cover!), almost every graphic novel, every Marvel Masterworks Limited Edition Cover, every figurine, every video game that Doctor Strange has been an active character in in almost every format. This includes Marvel Ultimate Alliance in original packaging, unopened, for every console, Lego Marvel Superheroes for every console, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for every console and weird games like Questprobe for the Commodore 64 and the Sega Spider-Man game from 1991. You also get the rare Hollywood Disney Store pins released the night of the movie. In fact, you get numerous movie premiums including limited edition mini posters, tickets, and popcorn tins! The list goes on and on...

THE BACK STORY: In 2002, I started collecting Doctor Strange as a way to help deal with the death of my dad, who died the previous year. I had always liked comics, Marvel, DC, EC, undergrounds... you name it. I knew with the success of Spider-Man and the X-Men movies that some day Doctor Strange might make it to the big screen. He was such a great character, but relatively unknown outside of the comic book world.

I remember reading the Spider-Man and Dr. Strange Pocket Novels by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back in the 70's. Spidey I got, he was a nerdy outcast that by sheer luck developed super powers. Of course I related with that. But Doc was way over my head. Still, being a fan of all things comic related, I remember begging my parents to let me stay up to see the 1978 pilot episode of the Doctor Strange series. They turned it off before the end and made me go to sleep, and that was probably for the best. That was probably the last time I ever seriously thought about the character (other than enjoying his multitude of cameo appearances in various Marvel Comics and cartoons) up until many years later.

It was legendary artist Genesis P-Orridge who really got Dr. Strange back into my mind. Some time in early 90's, we were discussing super heroes. He said that his favorite was Dr. Strange because while Spider-Man fought goofy villains in costumes, Dr. Strange was battling multi-dimensional beings intent on taking over our reality. Not only that but he met up with an entity named Eternity, who was the embodiment of everything. Very trippy stuff for kids comics.

The first Dr. Strange collectible I bought was Dr. Strange #169 from Comics Ink in Los Angeles. After that I read the first two Marvel Essentials books, which reprinted the original Strange Tales run in Black and White. This was amazing stuff. Ditko's art, as well as Everett, Severin, Adkins and Tuska in that Strange Tales run convinced me that Genesis P-Orridge was right. I had a new favorite superhero.

When I started collecting Doctor Strange exclusively, items were easier to come by.

With around 5300 items, this collection will INSTANTLY make you a world class Doctor Strange collector and sorcerer supreme of your own Sanctum Sanctorum! I sincerely hope that whoever takes up this mantle will enjoy these items and treasure them as I have.

While my collecting day may be over, I'll remain a fan and read the comics diligently. I'll continue to discuss Doctor Strange with my friends Deeee and P-Tor on my Doctor Strangecast audio podcast. 

Thank you and may the Vishanti and Agamotto's light shine upon you all."