News: Marvel Teasing Major Spider-Man And Venom Comic Book Event In 2017

Marvel has something big planned for Spider-Man and Venom in 2017. noted that a recent Inhumans vs. X-Men calendar that was shipped to retailers contains an advertisement for Venom #150, touting it as "The biggest Venom story in ten years!" That issue will come out in May 2017, so right now there is uncertainty in how this will be affected by The Clone Conspiracy story that is set to end around the same time.

Theories are starting to churn out in regards to Venom and Spider-Man teaming up or if it has to do with the new symbiote's host Lee Price. The duo have never teamed up before, so that would be a huge deal. There are also thoughts that Price is possibly one of the former hosts, which would lead to a big reveal. We will find out when the issue gets released in May.