News: Some Original Trilogy Characters That Are Rumored To Appear In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Some possibly big spoiler information may have been revealed regarding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Several characters from the original trilogy are rumored to be making some kind of appearance in this according a source that has seen the credits. Reddit user tphilb posted about the casting list and it was also on Star Wars News. The Reddit user said on his page that "
"Because of my line of work, the end credits for Rogue One came across my desk the other day. While I couldn’t take a picture of the screen (phone not allowed, and I like my job), I was able to scribble enough notes that offer some information about who is (and is not) in the film."
Based on that, below is a list of the characters from the original trilogy that will appear. We already know about Darth Vader, but these are ones that we weren't necessarily expecting to show up. Only look if you want the spoiler info, you've been warned.
 That's right, Princess Leia will appear and is being portrayed by Ingvild Deila. Her film credit will include a note that says, "...with special thanks to Carrie Fisher."
 Governer Tarkin will also be in the film and will portrayed by Guy Henry, also with a special credit note that says, "...with special thanks to Peter Cushing."
General Dodonna will be making an appearance and is being played by Ian McElhinney, who many are familiar with from Game of Thrones.
And finally, Anthony Daniels will be showing up as everyones favorite protocol droid C-3P0