News: An X-Men Film Will Reportedly Begin Shooting In May 2017

A new X-Men movie is reportedly gearing up to begin shooting in May 2017.

Wait, What? Did I just say that? After reports of either a soft reboot or total reboot, it appears that Fox has decided on a soft reboot that will focus on Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix storyline. Regardless of the story, Fox is shooting some type of X-Men movie very soon. Production is scheduled to begin in Montreal in January. Le Journal de Montreal broke the news that a production office opened up yesterday at MELS Studios complex, where the previous two X-Men films were made. The report was made by Michel Trudel, the president of MELS. Pre-production and set construction will begin in January at Studios 2 and 3, with filming to begin in May and continue for several months.
I am honestly kind of shocked by this news and the fact that they are moving so quickly. I am sure we will start to receive additional news through the next days and weeks.