Images: Science Fiction, Graffiti Art, And Comic Books Converge In Rob Shields Art

This is art from Rob Shields who has combined science fiction, graffiti, and comic books into his own world.
He is an illustrator, comic artist, and game developer that is currently working on an interactive online story titled Neon Wasteland. You can visit his website for more art and information on the project. Check out his bio, synopsis on Neon Wasteland, and some of his art below.
"My work is inspired by 1980's Japanese cyberpunk,80s & 90s brain freeze, grafitti, video games,comic books, virtual reality & everyone's best friend the internet.
Neon Wasteland is more than just an art series, it's an interactive online story world that consists of a web comic and pixel action platform game. As you read the story you will be able to play as some of the story's main characters when they jack into "the metaverse" a pixelated version of their world where you can help them. It is the dark and distant future, the year 2088. Through the use of advanced nanotechnology the rich live forever while the poor grow old and die. This is the story of six kids from the slums of Neon Wasteland who are about to change everything."