The Movie Sleuth's Game Award Picks 2016

The Game Awards have come a long way these past few years. It’s been a nice change from the Spike Game Awards of yesteryear. It’s been steadily becoming something fans of gaming and industry professionals can all truly respect. It’s nice to just finally feel excited about it. With fresh new looks at games abound and live musical performances that pertain to the industry. Even the nominations are all looking great. Which is what I’d actually like to talk about today, so without further delay. Here are my votes from the jury’s list, starting from the bottom. Quick disclaimer, I am not intimately familiar with every game on this list.

Best Multiplayer Game – Rainbow Six Siege
Best Sports/Racing Game – Forza Horizon 3
Best Strategy Game – Civilization VI
Best Family Game – Pokemon GO
Best Fighting Game – Killer Instinct Season 3
Best Role Playing Game – Dark Souls 3
Best Action/Adventure Game – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Best Action Game – Overwatch
Best VR Game – Job Simulator
Best Mobile/Handheld Game – Monster Hunter Generations
Best Independent Game – Inside
Games for Impact Award – That Dragon, Cancer
Best Performance – Nolan North as Nathan Drake
Best Music/Sound Design – DOOM
Best Art Direction – Inside
Best Narrative – Firewatch
Best Studio/Game Direction – Respawn Entertainment for Titanfall 2
Game of the Year – DOOM

You can watch the awards here on youtube tonight, then come back an laugh when I’m wrong.