Trailers: Exploitation And Gore Get Pushed To The Limit In The Upcoming Horror Movie Dreaming Purple Neon

Check out the trailer for the upcoming horror film Dreaming Purple Neon.

This was directed by shot-on-video (SOV) legend Todd Sheets and is everything that you would love about a grindhouse or exploitation film, harkening back to the days of excessive nudity, blood, and gore. There is a limited VHS run currently available at SRS Video. They are currently working out the details on the DVD and Blu-ray release, while doing limited theatrical and festival appearances. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"Dallas returns to his small town home to find it has been taken over by a designer drug created by an evil alchemist with one goal: Total destruction of humanity at the hands of a demon Queen and her evil army. It seems the drug turns everyone who uses it into bloodthirsty, violent, rampaging demons! Soon Dallas and his friends are knee deep in bodies, demons and denizens from Hell!!! It is up to this small group to stop the evil forces once and for all!!!"