Trailers: Official Red Band Trailer For The Christmas Horror Movie Secret Santa

A trailer has been released for the upcoming horror movie Secret Santa.

It was created by Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan and stars Drew Lynch, Michael Rady, Debra Sullivan, Ryan Leigh Seaton, Nathan Hedrick, Michelle Allaire, John Gilbert, Cutis Fortier, and Pat Destro. It will be released on. December 13th on DVD and Digital HD Check out the synopsis and trailer below.
"The holidays are a time for backstabbing and silent, annihilating judgment, but for the Pope family, the time-honored tradition of passive aggressive snark is always masked with a smile. But not this year. April Pope, the family’s golden child, is clean and sober and working her twelve steps. She has a new life and an amazing boyfriend and she’s ready to make amends with her sister, Penny for a horrible prank she pulled on her when they were in high school. April figures her mother Shari’s Christmas Eve party, complete with Secret Santa game, will be the perfect moment for forgiveness. Her gift and act of confession will help heal the tensions of all her loved ones.
But there’s someone else with different idea…
The Pope’s run one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and someone’s going to give them a taste of their own medicine. Literally. And with a military grade truth serum spiking the holiday punch, anyone who has a cup will lose their mask of civility. And before they know it, saying what they wanted to say turns into doing what they want to do; and the holiday table soon runs red. It’s a Christmas massacre as those who haven’t drank the punch try to control the ones who have. This year, the truth doesn’t hurt, it kills!
Who will make it out alive? And what the hell is that drug? Spend this holiday with a family that slays together. It’s going to be a bloody good Christmas!"