Trailers: Synopsis And Trailer For The Upcoming Norwegian Science Fiction Short Film The Camera Hack

This is a trailer for the upcoming science fiction short film The Camera Hack.

The Norwegian short will be exclusively hosted on YouTube, but no official date has been revealed at this time. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. 

"Eskild Fors and Andyax need to protect humanity against evil forces, who desperately wants to get their hands on the new and deadly camera hack called "Crazy Horse". Using a hacked Canon 5D mark iii and a Panasonic GH4 to protect themselves, Eskild and Andyax are on a journey to find the originator of the hack and delete it once and for all. 

The sci-fi short film “The Camera Hack” was crowdfunded through and was shot in the end of 2016 in Norway. The film is made exclusively for Youtube, including a four episode behind the scenes series. Everything will be uploaded to our Youtube channel “Andyax”. So subscribe to stay tuned."