Videos: A Collection Of Horror Short Films - Edward The Damned, Dawn Of The Deaf, And Vanilla Cake

This is a collection of several horror short films, check out the synopsis and films below.

Edward the Damned - What is it Edward is hiding beneath his wig? To the people around him he seems an average bloke. But tonight his insidious secret will finally see the light of day in a reveal you won’t soon forget.

This is the trailer for Dawn of the Deaf - When a strange sound infects the hearing population, a small group of deaf people must band together to survive.
Vanilla Cake - it is a short film about the complicated and hostile relationship between Alex and his mother.  On Alex’s 16th birthday, he  reaches a breaking point from his mother’s constant insults directed at him and his dead father, who he believes died at sea from an accident when he was in the Navy.  In a moment of rage, Alex stabs his mother with a cake knife.  Panicked, Alex drags his mother’s body to the backyard and starts digging.  He stops short, uncovering his father’s dead body.  He realizes his mother has lied about his father’s death, and that she was the one who actually killed him.