Videos: Memory Transfer Is Real In The Science Fiction Short Movie Grey Matter

This is a new sci-fi short film titled Grey Matter.

It was written and directed by Julian Evans and stars Luke Ahrens, Ryan Miles, and Kriben Naidoo. Check out the synopsis and trailer below, you can watch the full video here.
"Written and Directed by Julian Evans, Grey Matter is set in a world where memory transfer between humans is no longer science fiction. The film follows Ethan Murphy, a Ph.D. Neuroscience student, who is targeted by a black market syndicate that deal in the illegal trade of neuro-intelligence. After being captured, he escapes the syndicate and finds himself in the middle of Durban. With his brain rapidly deteriorating, Ethan must now do all he can to save what is left of his intelligence for the good of the city, and his family before he dies."