Artist Spotlight: The Awesome Tattoo Flash And Comic Art Of Eamon Hill Featuring Various Horror Icons, Comic Characters, And More

This a collection of art from Eamon Hill.

Hill is a Cincinnati based tattooist and artist and he was gracious enough to provide some concept art and a synopsis for a comic book that he is currently working on. There is also a collection of tattoo flash and fan art featuring various pop culture characters. You can view more of his work and follow him on his Instagram account. Check out his bio and the images below.

"I am a Cincinnati based tattooer and Illustrator working at Beelistic Tattoo East in Mt. Washington. I work in a mainly illustrative style due to my life-long love of illustration and sequential art. As far as tattooing goes, I love making custom pieces for clients. The weirder, the better!

My artistic influences mainly come from 80's and earlier era comic books; namely artists like Jack Kirby, Bernie Wrightson, Jack Davis, Will Eisner and Wally Wood. Aside from tattooing, I am currently working on a couple comic books with my wife. We will be debuting preview issues for both books (as well as taking commissions and selling prints) at the 2017 Cincy Comic Expo. Anyone that would like to check out my work can do so on Instagram @eamonhilltattoos. I can also be reached at, or they can swing into Beelistic East Mon-Sat(except Wednesdays) 12-9."

Below is the synopsis and concept art for his upcoming project that he is working on with co-writer and wife Lish Crossland-Hill.

"A disenfranchised undertaker is thrust into an eternal conflict between mankind and an ancient evil in this ghastly folk tale chock full of guns, gore and ghouls"