Artist Spotlight: The Comic Book Art Of Graeham Jarvis Featuring A Fallout Fan Comic, Star Wars, And More

This is a collection of art from Graeham Jarvis.

He is still in college, yet has a unique style and an impressive collection of fan art. This includes a fan webcomic that takes place within the Fallout universe titled Tales From the Wastes. You can view more of his art and follow him at Tales From the Wastes, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out his bio and images below.

"I'm 21 and currently in my third year at university studying graphic design and studio art. I work on an interactive comic on instagram that goes under the name @talesfromthewastes, it takes place in the Fallout video game universe, but the characters are unique to the comic. It is made for and posted exclusively on Instagram, the community there votes on certain decisions that I pose throughout the story."

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