Crowdfunding: 21:08 Short Horror Film Promotional Video

This is a promotional video for the horror short film 21:08.

The filmmakers are running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. It is a UK student project about something that you would not want to inherit. Check out the video and synopsis on their fundraising below.

"We created this funding page to help us make our film the best it could be. The production crew consists of second year film students who study at the University of Portsmouth. With a bigger budget, we can create a more authentic and professional film which we intend to put into film festivals once finished. Your money will go towards props, costume, prosthetics, and other various expenses.

What We Need & What You Get. We’ve set ourselves a target of £500. For this project we’ll be working with talented actors and we’ll be filming in multiple locations, and your money could help us get them (and ourselves) there. We’ll be buying costumes to fit our 70’s setting and we’ll be dressing our sets ideally with authentic props.The closer we get to our goal the better we can achieve the look we want. In return, you could get your name in our credits, get yourself a lovely new poster or even your own digital download of our film to show your friends what you helped us make! Our campaign video demonstrates the kind of look we want to achieve, which can only be made authentic with your help. Every penny will help us!

Risks & Challenges. The deadline isn’t too far away and filmmaking is tough, especially in horror as it’s a difficult genre to nail. We’re looking to film in multiple locations across a few days but we’ve a great crew and a brilliant Director. We’re more than confident we’ll make a film we’re proud of and hopefully one that’ll scare you!"