Images: Official Poster And Synopsis For Upcoming Horror Movie Safe Place

The official poster for the upcoming horror film Safe Place has been released online.

It is directed by Nicholas Hunt and stars Ashley Mary Nunes (All Through the House), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma!!), Genoveva Rossi, James Robert Taylor, Kat Kemmet, and David E. McMahon. They are currently planning on an October 2017 release. You can follow them on their Facebook page. Check out the synopsis that came from a previous piece released by Bloody Flicks.

"SAFE PLACE follows a loving, caring family man named Chris Craven, his pregnant wife Sarah, and their child Sam. One night after Chris’ birthday dinner and a clever positioning of a fateful move, the picturesque family is quickly and abruptly changed forever as two masked men murder dear Sarah and her unborn child in cold blood, and severely beat Sam into an unconscious state merely yards away from the eldest Craven. Chris Craven quickly begins to both physically and mentally deteriorate, building a hatred for the world and its inhabitants, its greed, its hate, its injustice.
Craven quits his job, withdraws all of the money from his family’s bank account and visits his child, now under 24 hour around the clock home medical care and kisses his little one goodbye, before abandoning everything, giving up and giving in. Craven moves to a remote family property, out of attention for miles and goes to work on measure to protect himself from the world outside and its many tribulations. He daily sits in his chair, boiling, contemplating, worrying, fearful and paranoid of what may come to his door one day. All he wants is to live out his days away from everyone else, the house that was supposed to be his and Sarah’s safe place.
Five years later Lori and her five friends are ready to begin the rest of their lives, the last weekend before graduating college, possibly the last time any of the six friends will ever have to all be with each other, these great friends that have known each other and been close since early childhood. As fate would have it a single move would change these six youths forever, a move that would assure that not all of them would walk away that fateful weekend, the weekend in which they crossed paths with one Chris Craven. If they had only listened maybe the events of that wouldn’t have happened, if only they had realized he was trying to save them. Instead, he will have to take them away from the world himself, one…by…one."