Images: Portuguese Exhibition For The Comic Book Crumbs

These are images from a comic book exhibition in Portugal for Crumbs.

This was a special exhibit for the Amadora International Comic Festival and was one part of the festival meant to showcase the collective comic book Crumbs. It is a small unusual-format pocket edition brings together short stories by nineteen authors from among the extremely recent generation and by authors who have already published in book form. Crumbs is completely in English and was designed as a portable showcase for Portuguese comics at international fairs, and is the result of a broad view that shows the wealth of registers, the plurality of lines and voices and the intensity of a creation that is not confined to schools or uniform movements. It is available from Kingpin Books and features stories from André Oliveira, Fernando Dordio, David Soares, Mário Freitas, Pedro Cruz, Francisco Sousa Lobo, Nuno Duarte, Joana Afonso, Ana Matias e Zé Burnay and art by André Caetano, Bernardo Majer, Pedro Serpa, Sérgio Marques, Pedro Cruz, Francisco Sousa Lobo, Osvaldo Medina, Inês Galo, Joana Afonso, and Ricardo Venâncio e Zé Burnay. Check out the images below.