News: Further Proof That Warner Bros. And DC Have Lost Their Damn Minds - A Short List For Green Lantern Corps Has Been Revealed

A short list has been revealed for the role of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps

According to a story from The Wrap, that list consists of Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and yes Ryan Reynolds. This is just their list and none of the actors have been contacted regarding the role yet, but they are apparently look to swing for the fences.
I think a majority of them are ridiculous and near impossibilities that existed when the first Green Lantern movie was made. Despite the moderate success of the films and the attachment of Ben Affleck to the Batmen role, joining the DC franchise is still a risky career decision. Most of these actors have made smart career choices with either challenging roles or big action franchises.
Cruise is pretty busy with the new Mummy and Universal monsters series of films, along with Mission Impossible and sequels of some of his other films. Yes, he's a big action star and he has said that before that he would love to play a superhero, but Green Lantern is in space. I don't think that you can run very much in space.
Cooper was previously up for the role in the first movie, but lost out to Reynolds. Could he still be interested? Possibly, but he has done well choosing smart films to appear in. As for Reynolds, would he seriously ever even consider going back to the role when he can just continue to play Deadpool?
This would be career suicide in my opinion for Gyllenhaal. Out of anyone in this group, he has chosen some of the best scripts and delivered top performances in all of them. He is consistently mentioned as a possible Oscar nominee. Please stay away from this role, please.
Hammer and McHale seem the most viable options out of the group. Hammer had been rumored for the role and seems like one the strong candidates. McHale has that humorous side that he typically plays and is still popular from his time on Community, so he is a decent option. The only issue is that he doesn't have the star power of the other actors on this list.
Once again, this is just a short list of the actors that the studio would like to have. It doesn't mean that in the end any of them will play Hal Jordan. What are your thoughts?