Take Your Lashings:ANTIBIRTH (2016) - Reviewed

Antibirth: an exercise in terrorizing an audience with nearly pointless gore, scenes of stillborn children, and vivid anti-sexuality laced with the perversity of a script that deserved a couple spins in a garbage disposal. Like a sad sack offshoot of Rob Zombie's white trash murder sagas, this failure lies with a creatively limp director that could use a couple college courses in how to make a movie. Firing this up, I couldn't wait for it to end. Antibirth is an atrocity of low level filmmaking that's undeservedly self impressed in each underwhelming moment of dismal visual pain. It's really that bad. 

In one of the strangest horror features of 2016, Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne overtly white trash themselves in a film that throws their talents to the wind for perversity, grime and almost unbearably grotesque scenery. This IFC release got little notice last year as it's an unbearably awkward script featuring two actresses that are way better than this grade D romp through a seedy environment ripe with humanity's worst contributors of filth. This is a tripped out horror entry that turns child birth into a disgusting tale of urine, knife play, drug use, alcohol abuse, hallucinogenic sequences and backseat alleyway sexcapades. All of this can be fun when it's put to good use. Here, it's just wasted. Through the deluge of disgusting acts, Antibirth is also extremely predictable. 

With Antibirth, Lyonne continues her obsession with playing unlikable characters. As a one trick pony she serves the purpose of devising a horrendous human being that riddles her child bearing body with every chemical under the sun. It's almost hard to watch the one time up and comer devolve into this low grade, button pushing level of exploitation. With Sevigny in tow, it's nearly unimaginable that either of them ever considered this a worthwhile effort. Maybe they thought this would be fun. Fun for them. Definitely not fun for the audience. Adding to the pile of wasted talent is Meg Tilly and the typically savvy Mark Webber. Everyone in this supposed horror flick should be embarrassed of this painstaking monstrosity. 

Hi, My name is one trick pony. Want a ride? 

In the last couple years I've reserved our lowest scores and have barely used them. In the case of this physically revolting non-movie, I'm going to rate it the lowest of the low. How on earth they got a budget for this overripe trash is beyond me. But I cannot and will not suggest anyone ever watch this worthless tripe. Other than the final sequence that calls back to older creature films, Antibirth is anti-creativity, born from the mind of someone that could use some directorial skills. It wasn't even worth reviewing this movie. This comes from a guy that's watched A Serbian Film three times.