Trailers: A Demonic Witch Terrorizes In The Horror Movie Don't Knock Twice

Here is a trailer for the upcoming horror film Don't Knock Twice.

It was directed by Caradog James (The Machine) and stars Katee Sackhoff (Oculus, Riddick, Battlestar Galactica),Lucy Boynton (Miss Potter, Ballet Shoes, Mo) and Nick Moran (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). It is scheduled to be released on VOD platforms February 3, 2017 through IFC Midnight. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

“Knock once to wake her from her bed, twice to raise her from the dead…” So goes a disturbing urban legend involving an abandoned house supposedly inhabited by a vengeful, child-stealing witch. When troubled teen Chloe (Lucy Boynton) raps at the door one night, she has no idea the horror she’s about to unleash. Fleeing to the country home of her estranged mother (Katee Sackhoff)—a recovering addict who’s turned her life around to become a famous artist—Chloe must learn to trust the woman who gave her up years ago in order to stop the bloodthirsty, shape-shifting demon stalking them.