Trailers: The Upcoming Spielbergian Family Film My Pet Dinosaur

This is a trailer for My Pet Dinosaur.

It from Empress Road Pictures and was written, directed, and produced by Matt Drummond. This is his second feature, he is renowned for his work as an Emmy Award winning, Visual Effects Supervisor. His previous film Dinosaur Island (2014), was nominated for a 2015 AEAF Award for Feature Film Animation.

A cross between E.T and Monster’s Inc, My Pet Dinosaur fixes on the unlikely friendship between a boy and a dinosaur. Cast includes Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi (The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years) and recognizable Aussie actor Tiriel Mora (Farscape). It is set to premier at EFM, with no official US release date at this time. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"When a boy finds the remnants of a failed military experiment his troubled town is plunged further into chaos as he accidentally makes a new friend."