Videos: Feast Your Eyes On The Epic Horror Short John The Carpenter

This is the horror short film John the Carpenter.

It has won numerous awards at various festivals and is finally here for your very fine eyes and earballs to enjoy. It was written and directed by Matt Braunsdorf. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"On their drive home, John and his sister, Anna, get into an accident after a horrifying creature jumps out in front of their truck. In order to protect her wounded brother, Anna draws the beast into the woods away from the crash, hoping to at least give John the chance to survive. John regains consciousness just in time to witness Anna make the ultimate sacrifice for him. He is left heartbroken and alone. The wounds he sustained have robbed him of the ability to speak. With a debt to repay his sister, John constructs a trap and sets a plan in motion to capture the beast before it can harm another soul."