Weekend Box Office: 1/13-1/16 - Monster Trucks Flops. Hidden Figures Takes The Prize. Rogue One Still One With The Force.

In a weekend that saw six big releases, including the national expansion of several titles. The children's film Monster Trucks abysmally flopped while the true life story of Hidden Figures once again topped the box office food chain. Bringing in an estimated $25.3 million for the long weekend, the historical film is nearing the $60 million mark, which isn't shabby for only 2 weekends in national release.  

The extended holiday weekend is also seeing the dire failures of Martin Scorsese's Silence, the domestic remake called Sleepless starring Jamie Foxx, and the total financial destruction of Ben Affleck's gangster period piece, Live By Night.  All three of these features are going to cost the studios in major ways with no path to recouping their production budgets. Live By Night brought in a measly $5.4 million dollars against a $65 million price tag. This will hit them where it hurts. The wallet. Silence only took in $2-$3 million with a hefty cost of $50 million. It's estimated that the low tallies won't hurt Sleepless too much. It had a limited cost of $30 million and brought in nearly 10. It will still be profitable for the studio. 

Even Peter Berg's Boston Marathon bombing feature, Patriot's Day failed to live up to expectations in its box office expansion. With so many films in release this week, it might have been too many choices or just not enough good ones. Many of this weekend's releases were critical flops before their official cinematic release date. 

In the meantime, Rogue One continues to soar. It's crossing the $500 million mark this weekend with over a billion dollars in international ticket sales so far. The Force is strong with this one.