Weekend Box Office: 1/27-1/29 - Shyamalan's Split Continues To Dominate

M.Night Shyamalan can pat himself on the back. After a strange few years for the director that included movie fans lambasting nearly every release he put out, he has scored a major hit with his new release, Split. Once again dominating the box office, his latest production went on to gross another $26 million this weekend, putting it over the $77 million mark for two weeks. This is on a meager budget of only $10 million. To say this is a profitable movie is a vast understatement. He is currently working on developing the sequel which may or may not cross further into the world of one of his previous box office successes. 

What's that noise? Sounds like a flop to me. 

Coming in second this weekend was the dramatic story, A Dog's Purpose which raked in $18 million. With the film coming under attack from animal right's activists and some boycotting the movie, numbers were definitely not what they were hoping. Hidden Figures followed with another $14 million. Sadly, the supposed end of the Resident Evil franchise only tallied $13 million making it the lowest opening weekend for any of the films in the series. This is quite sad because it was a way better entry than most of the previous sequels. 

La La Land, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, and Sing all followed closely behind as Rogue One begins its final fight at the box office. After a great run, the film bowed out with a small take of $5 million. It's probably entering the exit phase of its theatrical release.