News: Bad Boys III Gets Pushed

It seems like Hollywood is in a serious shake up tonight as numerous projects are getting dumped, dropped, moved around, and altogether cancelled. With World War Z 2 on the chopping block and the latest Friday the 13th incarnation on the bad side of a machete, the world of franchise films seem to be getting even smaller. Hot on the tails of those announcement, word is coming down that the newly revitalized Bad Boys movie is getting a push from the studio. 

Bad Boys III was originally set to premiere in 2017, then got moved to January 2018. Now, the film has been removed from that date and the release of Bad Boys IV has been completely taken off the 2019 slate. Hopefully this is just due to scripting issues. But, it appears that all is not well in the world of motion picture series these days. 

Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?