Box Office News: Fifty Shades Spanks The Competition on Friday

In a very unexpected turn of events, this weekend's release of Fifty Shades Darker is outperforming initial estimates. With chants from the sidelines of "This one is gonna flop!" and "Who even watches this crap?", this second film in the series is did a better box office on Friday than both The Lego Batman Movie and John Wick 2. This is rather shocking considering the massive built in fan base for anything Batman or Lego. 

Let's talk dirty about numbers and money.....

Fifty Shades Darker took in $21.5 million on Friday alone, setting it up for a $46 million weekend. Comparatively, Lego Batman only raked in $15 million. However, the blockhead Gotham knight movie is still expected to overtake Fifty Shades with an estimated $51 million for the entire weekend gross. 

John Wick 2 wrangled and $11 million kick off. Not bad.