News: The Death of Teenage Dystopia: Shailene Woodley Passes on Divergent TV Movie

After several good years of sucking the well dry, the futuristic world of teenage dystopia is coming to a much needed end. With The Hunger Games series being the best of the genre, interest in the stories of teens fighting against an all powerful government is coming to some form of needed closure. With the introduction of The Maze Runner, The Divergent series, and the poorly received Chloe Grace Moretz vehicle The 5th Wave, fans were quickly worn down by these similar stories and most of the movies ultimately bombed at the box office. 

As the last in the Divergent series actually lost money in its theatrical release, the studio pulled the plug leaving the future in flux. Now as they're planning to cap the franchise off with a made for tv conclusion, Shailene Woodley has decided not to return for Ascendant, the small screen ending to the series. 

When asked by Vanity Fair, she stated, "No. I'm not going to be on the television show." There you have it. 

Considering she's been the face of all previous entries, this may shatter the studio's dreams of completing the story arc of Tris and Four. Too bad. Not really.