News: Matt Reeves Confirmed To Direct The Batman

After numerous reports of Affleck directing then not directing the newest incarnation of The Batman, it has officially been confirmed. Matt Reeves is on board as the director of the upcoming film. Affleck had initially been attached to star and direct, then said he wouldn't direct if the script wasn't right, then back peddled and said he was still directing the feature. With the motion picture in doubt, he ultimately bowed out of directorial duties. Now, with a supposed finalized script in hand, Matt Reeves will be the director with Ben Affleck reprising his role as the Bat. 

Considering the massive studio meddling in Batman V Superman and the obvious disjointed areas of Suicide Squad after major reshoots and editing, it'll be a miracle if this finally gets going without drastic interference by the heads of the studio. Yet, Reeves has a strong, proven track record with his Planet of the Apes work and Cloverfield. Our hopes are still high. Maybe this will be the Batman we need.