News: New Image And More Details For Stranger Things Season 2

Some new character and plot details have rolled in today for Stranger Things Season 2.
This is all from EW, including the photo above that features Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Will (Noah Schnapp) trick-or-treating as Ghostbusters. So far, we know that season takes place in 1984, one year after the events from season one. Will is infected with something from the Upside Down and is starting to have visions.

Co-creator Matt Duffer says that: “He seems to be seeing images from the Upside Down—the question is whether they’re real or not. So it seems like he’s having some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Will's mom Joyce is dating an old friend from high school named Bob, played by Sean Astin. Winona Ryder says that: “She’s trying to mask a lot. I think she’s made this choice with Bob because she wants a good father figure in her sons’ lives.”

Hopper is trying to keep everything that happened a secret, including the disappearance of Barb. This is apparently his way of protecting Joyce and the kids. David Harbour states that: "It kind of falls on Hopper to be the voice of authority to say, ‘This did happen and this didn’t happen,’ He’s struggling with the compromise that takes him to, having to lie and cover things up.”

Nancy and Mike are in a bad place as they deal with the death of Barb. Ross Duffer says that: “She and Mike are both the most screwed-up because they’re the ones who both lost someone. They’re both grappling with that, and we see the effects.”

There is also some new information on two new characters, who are a brother and sister by the names of Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Max (Sadie Sink). Both Lucas and Dustin have a crush on Max. Billy isn't interested in making friends. Matt Duffer teases: “Stephen King always has really great human villains. The evil in the real world is often as bad or worse than the supernatural evil, so we wanted to introduce a character like that.”

So it sounds like Billy is going to be one of the human villains, along with the new character Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser). Owens is being described as "seemingly friendly." They also teased new creatures and monsters appearing in season two, with Matt saying that they will be exploring "different kinds of horror." According to Mattarazo, Dustin will end up taking in a creature for a pet. He says that: “It’s a little creature I get to bond with. It’s obviously not from this planet or this dimension."