Soundtracks On Vinyl: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Milan Records)

With the Resident Evil movie franchise wrapping up with the supposed Final Chapter, Milan Records has released a vinyl edition of the soundtrack that's bold and present in its clarity and low end frequencies. 

Starting with the introductory theme, 'This Is My Story', the album contains a bevy of great electronic sounds mixed with orchestral beats and a percussive underlayment that makes this one of the better soundtracks of the entire series. Composer Paul Haslinger creates a defined dark mood with this album that mixes adventure and horror into a perfect hybrid of soundtrack styles. 

Kicking off with a short voice over from Alice, this package recreates the adventurous based soundtrack with amazing tones and never ending arpeggiation that calls back to old school sounds and musical cues. Abandoning what would typically be a hard rock themed album for one of these types of films, Haslinger's work here is nearly impeccable. Hearing this in the theater, I knew I had to own it. Being a collector of soundtracks and scores, this was a must have. It doesn't fail at all. As a piece of work unto itself, the listener will be absolutely satisfied with the imagery this soundtrack creates in their mind.
While the packaging and presentation could definitely have used a little more eye candy, the sound is excellent and the songs are deeply rooted in the synthetic tones that we typically hear in the horror genre. I would have expected a special vinyl pressing like a blood spatter or an Umbrella Corporation special edition with a gatefold, but instead we're just given a plain black release in a great looking, colorful cover that highlights Alice and her handgun. This is the only area where Milan fails with this edition of the album. As a collector, it would be nice to have a greater package to coincide with what is probably the second best movie in the entire franchise and the undoubtedly best musical release of the series. 

If you like your soundtracks mastered hot with a lot of bass, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter brings the evil home. Playing this through a nice tube preamp only highlights the top tier mastering job that Pete Lyman did on this record. At a measly $21.99, you'd have to be stupid not to pick this one up. Although it's not going to win any awards for the package, it's a definite buy for RE fans and people that are into synth soundtracks with glaring percussion and accompaniment by strings and piano. For such a low price, you can't turn this down. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.